Maryanne Connolly-Harris

The front desk, was friendly, greeted you. I saw Dr Singh, and he explained in detail, what could be done with a problem toe. What impressed me, that he took time to explain the choices. And he did not rush though it. Even though it's may first visit, I highly recommend this practice and the doctors. And will continue with them.

Marc Sirrico

I initially met Dr. Tabrizi and Dr. Singh when they worked for another Podiatry Clinic. I was very excited to learn that they opened their own clinic in Plymouth, which is closer. I require regular appointments for a chronic condition and they take great care of me. I have the outmost confidence in them. They are very attentive and quick to get me in if needed. Michelle and Lexi are also great. You feel welcomed and well cared for at the clinic and I strongly recommend them to anyone that needs Pediatric care.

Carol Walsh

From the minute we entered the office suite the staff were amazing. Young lady at the front desk was extremely helpful. Medical assistant was patient and explained from the minute we entered the exam room what would happen during the visit. Dr. Singh was very pleasant and very thorough.

Valerie Jerome

Dr. Tabrizi did a great job and I highly recommend her.

Linda Sattel

Professional, accurate and pleasant

Linda Sattel

Great staff and doctors. Clean. On time. Professional.

Maria Perry

Dr. Sing is thorough, efficient and reassuring. The atmosphere in the office is very nurturing and the attendant is helpful and, friendly.

Olympia Sacchitella

I called for a same day appointment and they were able to get me booked and treated that same day! Great place, highly recommend!

Misty Johnson

Great experience right from the start with Michelle at the front desk so friendly and helpful. I saw Dr. T. she took the time to listen, examine the problem and come up with a plan. Very happy 5 stars for sure.

Ryan Slepoy

Dr. Singh is the best podiatrist, he fixed my plantar fasciitis.

Dennis Bauder

I’m very pleased with the practice and Dr. Singh. He’s courteous, professional and very competent at foot care. The office staff is very nice as well.

Brian Franks

Dr Singh is great and personable. Staff is awesome, super friendly and accommodating. Outstanding practice and had convenient appointments when I couldn’t find any at other offices for months. Highly recommend

Kathleen Barrett

The office staff is great, very professional courteous and knowledgeable. The doctor was amazing, after months of going to different orthopedists, therapists and other specialists the doctor saw the issue, addressed it and gave me a clear plan for getting back to running. I left that office so happy. Thank you

Ken Fitzgerald

Dr. Tabrizi did a great job and I highly recommend her.

Alexzander Geller

Great staff and even better doctor. If you have any issues with your feet this is where you should come!

David Penkala

Dr. Tabrizi is fantastic! She is professional, skilled, and has a wonderful, patient-friendly attitude. Michelle in reception is also very friendly and welcoming. Overall, an excellent patient experience!


Dr. Singh is the best! After seeing two other podiatrists with no relief, I was recommended to Dr. Singh by a family member. I am so happy they referred me to him because he was the only doctor that was able to diagnose me correctly and get me back to being pain-free within a matter of weeks. He took the time to listen to my story and educated me on what he thought was the cause of my pain. His recommendations were simple yet effective and I am so grateful to him. He also has a sense of humor which is always a plus!


I was really anxious about getting my ingrown nail taken care of. I waited too long to have it professionally taken care of which led me to developing an infection. Dr. Singh was extremely patient with me during my visit and never once made me feel bad for having waited so long. He explained the entire procedure in detail beforehand and within a matter of minutes, the procedure was done! I appreciate Dr. Singh trying his best to distract me during the procedure. If I had known it could be taken care of so quickly, I would have gone in to see a podiatrist much sooner. Hopefully I won’t need another procedure in the future, but if I do, I’ll be going back to Dr. Singh!


I am so thankful for Dr. Tabrizi! To say that everything happens for a reason is an understatement as I was blown away from day 1 with Dr. T. She was so understanding and compassionate to my situation, but my favorite thing about Dr. T is her honesty and transparency. She did not try to sell me on becoming a patient and just walked me through the facts of my surgery and realistic timing for when my surgery could be scheduled for. From the time I met with Dr. T for the first time until the day of my surgery, she and/or her staff stayed in contact with me consistently to ensure that my procedure would go off without a hitch. The recovery process from my surgery was going to be lengthy, but I consistently received the same level of care and the same person that I met on the first visit. Dr. T took an upsetting and frustrating situation and completely made it one of the most positive interactions I have ever had with a medical professional or human being for that matter. My foot has completely healed and now I am back to doing things I love that were previously problematic like playing with my son or coaching and playing sports. I will remain a patient of Dr. Tabrizi's forever and I recommend her to people on a regular basis. She has set the new standard I have come to expect when it comes to my care, but she is truly one of a kind. Thank you Dr. T!!

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